Introducing EVO Web Chat

MXit EVO is a suite of next generation social communication products, from a PC-based instant messenger for online chat to your own fully customisable social networking application to embed in your blog site or website. With the advances in Web 2.0 it’s becoming imperative to own your own SNS, and MXit EVO allows you to create and fully customize your own social networking world.

MXit EVO Webchat is an integrated application that allows you to embed a widget into your blog site or website, for your own a fully customisable branded social network.

How do you do this? Simply press start and follow the steps in our wizard to embed MXit's web widget into your site, for your own SNS online chat.

If you would prefer to use the basic EVO Web Chat client without any customisation, just copy this code into your Website or Blog and you're good to go.

Choose the size of your Widget

The Widget is sizeable to fit your Web application needs. You can size it down to a minimum of 220 x 350 pixels.

Full Size (300 x 500)
Small (220 x 350)
or customise your size...
width: pixels
height: pixels

Customize your Widget

Customize your EVO Widget by choosing a theme pack and the colour of the chat and highlight bars.
  1. Choose a theme pack
or link to your own theme pack
  2. Choose your colours

 Mouse roll over colour
 Chat seperator colour
 Background colour
  3. Choose a language

Embed your Widget
Copy the code below...
...and paste it into your Web page or blog.

Widget Preview